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Helton Creek Falls

by JP on Jun.14, 2009, under Georgia Hiking Trails

Near Blairsville, Georgia

Helton Creek Falls

  Helton Creek Falls


Helton Falls is one of the most serene waterfalls I have seen in Georgia. While it is not the largest falls with a 30 foot and 50 foot cascading drop, or the most powerful falls I have seen, its surroundings make it a must see waterfall in Georgia.

Helton Creek Falls

Most of the major waterfalls in Georgia are located in well developed parks, and highly trafficked areas, such as the ones at Amicalola, Anna Ruby and the Cloudland Canyon Falls. Helton Falls, however, is located on a one lane narrow, muddy road that could easily be missed if you were not looking for it. There is not park to speak of, and that is what makes it such a wonderful experience, This falls makes one feel as if they are seeing the waterfall as an early mountaineer may have.

 Helton Creek Falls  Helton Creek Falls

Helton Creek Falls 

Helton Creek Falls

Helton Creek Falls

This hidden waterfall is only a short easy 0.1 mile walk down a hill off of the dirt road, but once you arrive, you will know why I am so impressed by its isolation. The lower of the cascades is a 30 foot fall that drops into a fairly calm pool of water with a roar. Because there is no development and regulations here, visitors can wade along Helton Creek just below the lower falls (be careful, and don’t try to get under the falls), and enjoy views of both falls from the middle of the pool.

Helton Creek Falls Helton Creek Falls

    Helton Creek Falls

Returning to the bank where hikers enter the Creek, a series of wooden erosion steps will lead hikers up another 10 feet or so to the upper falls. Here there is a small wooden observation deck for viewing the taller of the two falls. At 50 feet, the upper falls are narrower, but more powerful. As such, visitors should not try to wade in the upper falls. The likelihood of getting swept over the lower falls by the faster moving currents is high. Stay on the trail and observation deck for the upper falls. It would only take one stupid person to have the state come out and ruin this natural beauty by developing more barriers and fences to keep visitors out.

Helton Creek Falls


From Blairsville:

1. Follow US-19 South past Neel’s Gap on Blood Mountain.

2. Just prior to a sharp, banking left turn, and just after Vogel State Park, look closely for a road to the left called Helton Creek Fall, and a small green sign indicating “Helton Creek Falls.”

3. Follow this narrow, paved road until it becomes dirt, and then continue along this very muddy road for several miles. Note: this road can get really muddy and slick, and should not be attempted by smaller vehicles on days following significant rain.

4.  A small parking area sits along the right side of the road at the trail head.

Helton Creek Falls

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SouthernHiker is Back

by JP on Jun.14, 2009, under Hiking Trails

SouthernHiker is back. After a brief hiatus while roadtripping across America to Yellowstone, the Tetons, Arches, Moab, the Grand Canyon, and many other outdoor locations, I am back. My apologies to readers, as I did not have full internet access while on the trip. As you can well imagine, internet card signals are less than perfect in many of those areas.

Better late than never, Helton Creek Falls article is finished, and being posted now. Sorry to my readers for such a long hiatus without any articles.

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