Cloudland Canyon Disc Golf

October 29, 2010

Rising Fawn, GA


Cloudland Canyon’s 18 hole disc golf course is a well established, very popular course that begins on top of one of the highest points in the established portions of the park. As such, the winds can get pretty strong up on the mountain, and throwing a long drive even a little too high can carry a disc to two or three holes later (trust me it happened to someone I was playing with).

The course winds up and down several hills, and actually provides a pretty good workout due to the walking distance and hills required to play the entire course. Each hole is easy to find, and is very well marked with a signpost and concrete tee pad.

Also, players should know that this course can be pretty busy. I played here on Easter Sunday, and had groups playing in front of me and behind me the entire time.

Before playing, stop by the visitor center for a score sheet, course map (not needed, but grab one anyway), and if you need a new disc, the visitor center carries tons of  Innova brand discs for purchase.

Hole 1


The first hole gets the disc rolling with a long 347 ft. long drive. Be aware of the big antennae sticking up in the middle of the hole.

Hole 2, 3 & 4

CloudlandCanyon073_thumb6 CloudlandCanyon074_thumb4


CloudlandCanyon079_thumb3 CloudlandCanyon080_thumb4

Holes 2,3 & 4 are all very similar in their design. Hole 2 begins at the bottom of a hill, and requires a drive around a series of trees and shurbs sitting along the ridge. Hole 3 begins atop that same hill and requires a shot over those same tree and shrubs heading back to the base of the hill. Finally, hole 4 heads back through the shrubs and trees to the top of the hill. Hole 4 is probably the toughest  of these three because the catcher is located directly behind the very large growth.

All three of these holes require very good control over one’s drive. If not, you may find yourself climbing into a tree, or a thorn bush to fish out your driver.

Hole 5


Hole 5 is the first hole that begins moving down the side of the mountain. This is a long straight drive, but be aware of the wind on a drive. One of the players I was playing with, threw what must be considered a record distance drive. Unfortunately, the wind was carrying it down the hillside so far to the right, that he ended up directly to the right of the hole, but farther away than where he started.

Hole 6


Hole 6 is a fairly easy shot to the edge of the woods. The only problem, one big cedar trip sits right in the middle of the fairway. Throw long, and put a little curve on it, and this should be an easy two shot hole.

Hole 7


Hole 7 requires a sharp hook to the left. The hard part about this particular hole is that no only must the disc bend back towards you, but it must do so after squeezing through a small opening in the woods.

Hole 8


Hike back up the  hill towards the road, and the tee for hole 8 is going to require another sharp bend to the left, only this time, the distance is longer and the space is slightly wider, if you can get past the narrow opening just in front of the tee. Lefties are bound for trouble on this hole.

Hole 9


Hole 9 is the first simple straight shot in a few holes. It’s fairly simplistic, just stay out of the woods, once you get in them, it’s hard to get out.

Hole 10

CloudlandCanyon097_thumb4 Hole 10 looks like another long easy shot, but don’t be fooled, the uphill on this hole can cause for some bad drives. Don’t be fooled by the uphill and end up throwing to high, but be sure not to throw your disc into the side of the hill be throwing to low either. Find the happy median, but error on the low side.

Hole 11


Hole 11 is another long drive from the top of the hill. If you can catch a good wind, you may be able to really get a good drive on this hole, catch a bad wind, and you may end up being buried into the ground. Also, watch out of the shrubbery in the middle of the course.

Hole 12

CloudlandCanyon100_thumb3 CloudlandCanyon101_thumb3

Hole 12 would be an easy hole if not for the fact that the catcher is hidden between three trees. Only a well timed bend to the right will put you close to the catcher. I suggest laying up as close to the catcher as you can get.

Hole 13


Hole 13 is a 301 ft. drive up hill. This is a fairly steep uphill, so be aware of your drive.

Hole 14


Hole 14  sits parallel to the road that enters the disc golf course. The catcher is located between a number of pine trees at the road’s intersection. Drive straight and narrow and you’ll sit nicely beside the catcher. Even if you hit a tree, you are still close enough to two-shot this hole for a birdie.

Hole 15, 16, & 17

Hole 15, 16, & 17 are holes where frustration and irritation may begin to crop up. All three of these holes are located in deep woods, and require a lot of precision just to par these holes.

Hole 15 –


Hole 16 –

CloudlandCanyon107_thumb3 CloudlandCanyon108_thumb5

Hole 17


Hole 18

CloudlandCanyon112_thumb4 Hole 18 finishes up the course back on the hill where the course began. This shot requires a shot over small hill back onto the tree line. It’s a fairly easy shot, but try to make sure you keep the drive straight. If you end up in the woods away from the catcher, it will be difficult to get a good second shot at the catcher.


$3.00 per vehicle entry

$2.00 per person disc golf fee


From Trenton, GA:

1. Take GA -136 east for 8 miles. Entrance will be on the left.

2. From LaFayette, GA take GA-136 18 miles. Entrance on the right.

3. After entering Cloudland Canyon State Park, follow the signs straight to the disc golf course. The road to the course is found just to the right of the parking area for the main canyon hiking trails. Park between the Old Pool House and Tennis Courts, and the first hole is found on the other side of the Old Pool House.



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