Hiking During Hunting Season and How to Protect Yourself

by JP on Nov.29, 2008, under Camping, Cycling Trails, Environmental Issues, Hiking Trails

How many times have you been hiking or biking on a trail only to hear the unmistakable sound of gunfire?

At this moment, or hopefully before, you Immediately know you are hiking during dear, duck, or turkey season. Unfortunately for you, these seasons also tend to be the best season for hiking, biking, and camping (not too hot & not too cold).

At that sound, you immediately feel vulnerable to gunfire. A feeling that may be somewhat warranted.

While being injured by a hunter is very unlikely, we cannot look past the possibility while hiking through the woods.

Now contrary to popular belief by some opponents of hunting, hunters are not shooting everything that moves in the woods, and often follow all the proper rules of gun safety (I am one of these hunters myself).

The safety issue, does not come from hunter negligence, the safety issue, may, however, arise from those inopportune times when hunting is occurring near trails. This hunter/hiker interaction in inevitable as we all use nature around the same times.

As such, hikers, bikers, and hunters alike need to be aware of the other’s existence and perhaps take some extra precautions when preparing to go out.

Among the precautions taken should be the followed:

Hunters- know and understand the layout of where you are hunting and try to identify all potential trails that create “non-shooting” lanes. Nothing will ruin a good hunt like ambulances and police, not to mention accidentally shooting someone. Take the extra steps, if not to simply protect yourselves.

Hikers/Bikers – A great article on (called Hunting Season and Hikers)has recently been written regarding procedures you can take. I highly recommend checking this article out as it provides some great tips on safety during hunting season.

Let’s all enjoy nature, and keep safe this holiday season.

Happy Hunting  and Happy Hiking  from SouthernHiker.

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