Oregon Park Disc Golf

October 28, 2010

Marietta, Georgia

Oregon Park Disc Golf

The Oregon Park Disc Golf course is an 18 hole course with a little bit for everyone. This course can be frustrating for the beginner, but can also be a lot of fun. Also, the course does have two tee pads for each hole to allow for all levels of play.

For those shooting from the longer pads, not only does the course provide the typical long shots and wooded area combinations, it also has some very narrow long tunnels, watery areas, up and down hills and some great high risk/reward shots that allow for lots of different play and some friendly competitions.

The course begins be descending from the parking area along the entryway and crossing a bridge back towards Old Hamilton Road. Most of the tee pads are marked on trees with directional arrows to each new hole, but some are missing.

Oregon Park Disc Golf

Hole 1

Off the bat, hole 1 begins in the woods with a tight tee shot requiring a long 232 ft. uphill drive to the basket sitting in the corner of the park’s entrance road and Old Hamilton Road.

Oregon Park Disc Golf Oregon Park Disc Golf

Hole 2

Hole 2 begins somewhere to the right of basket 1. A marker sitting at the base of a tree indicates the direction of the two tee areas, but I could not locate them anywhere. To get close to the intended area take thirteen paces from the tree in the direction of the arrow that you choose to follow. There is a 26 ft. difference in the two areas. The longest is 349 ft. to the basket, the shortest is 323. The hole is a light uphill shot, with four trees in the center of the fairway.

Oregon Park Disc Golf

Oregon Park Disc Golf

Hole 3

Hole 3 turns 180 degrees from basket 2 on a dirt pad. The basket lies at the bottom of the hill on the right side of a large gap between a grove of pine trees.

Oregon Park Disc Golf

Hole 4

Turn back around for hole 4 for another uphill shot.This time the basket sits just on the other side of the hill’s ridge right between several pine trees.

Oregon Park Disc Golf

Hole 5

To find Hole 5, follow the white signs indicating its direction down the other side of the hill along a path. Do not stop at the next basket and tee pad, this hole will be played later. Keep to the treeline on the left, and you will find Hole 5, and hopefully that the hunt was worth it. Hole 5 is one of the most fun holes I have played in a long time. The hole is a long 321 ft. straight drive with a twist. At the very end of the drive is a high hill with the basket atop it. Getting that kind of height and distance at the end of a drive is tough, but lots of fun to try. Just watch your disc if you hook it into the woods.

Oregon Park Disc Golf

Hole 6 and 7

Oregon Park Disc Golf

Hike up the hill for hole 6, a fairly straight forward open shot.

Hole 7, however, requires one to hike to the left of basket 6 (follow the arrow) to a tee pad sitting under an unbelievable narrow tunnel of trees. In addition the trees. If the shot goes too far to the right, it could end up down a steep embankment pinned between the trees and a baseball field.

Oregon Park Disc Golf

Hole 8

After spending sometime on Hole 7, Hole 8 is a mess of a hole. Hole 8’s two pads are located in a wooded area containing a ditch, several downed trees, rocks, and a bridge to nowhere (don’t cross the bridge). One of the pads sits on a small hilltop the the left, and another on a small hilltop to the right. The basket is even harder to find. It is located down the hill in the thick part of the woods. Be aware that a ditch with numerous thorns sits along the left side of the hole, and several rocks, downed trees, and stumps litter the hole as you walk through it.

Oregon Park Disc Golf Oregon Park Disc Golf

Hole 9

Hole 9 is not anywhere near Hole 8, so don’t expect to find it with some help. Exit the woods to the right of basket 8, and hike towards the baseball field area. Hole 9 is located over in the wooded area past left field and up on the hill. Basket 9 is framed by two trees and numerous shrubs in front of the tee basket. To the left of the basket is a creek and some large bushes that can easily swallow a disc.

Oregon Park Disc Golf Oregon Park Disc Golf

Hole 10

Follow the arrow to the right of Hole 9 and the uneven bars to Hole 10. Hole 10 is an excellent long drive over a field down into the corner of the woods.

Oregon Park Disc Golf

Hole 11

Follow the arrow to the right of Hole 10 for a narrow tee off area that goes up and over a hill then a long way over a field to a basket sitting just beneath the tree.

Oregon Park Disc Golf Oregon Park Disc Golf

Hole 12

Hole 12 is located at the tee pad you passed near Basket 3. The hard shot drive begins in a recess in the tree line and requires a shot through numerous trees in the middle of the fairway. Fly straight and the trees won’t be a problem, but that is probably easier said than done.

Oregon Park Disc Golf Oregon Park Disc Golf

Hole 13

Hole 13 is hellacious. There is no other word to describe it. This hole requires a shot through the woods around a winding creek and dropping down on the other side of the ridge to the basket that sits along a somewhat narrow peninsula. Oh by the way, the basket is surrounded by trees on all relevant sides. It would be hard to create a more difficult hole.

Oregon Park Disc Golf Oregon Park Disc Golf

Hole 14 and 15

This hole requires a long narrow shot while minding to the trees on the left, and the steep ridge encompassing the entire right side of the shot. Hole 15 turns right around and requires a shot back up that ridge. By the way, don’t miss the putt on 15. If you hit land on the side of the ridge, your disc will roll and roll and roll.

Oregon Park Disc Golf Oregon Park Disc Golf

Hole 16

Oregon Park Disc Golf

This hole’s directional arrows are incorrectly listed as Hole 15. Follow the arrows anyway to a tee pad along the ridge. This shot reminded me of the old McDonad’s Larry Byrd commercials. It requires perfect aim between the pines (slightly over four feet apart), over the see saw, around the bend (actually a crunch incline), and nothing but chain.

Hole 17

Follow the arrows again for a shot through a thick forest. There appears to be a path that suggests a strong hook shot is the easiest shot for this hole. There really is no easy shot, but the hook shot is probably the most to try and avoid all of the trees. The basket sits near all of the pink ribbons wrapped around the pines atop the hill.

Oregon Park Disc Golf

Hole 18

For the Final hole turn back around and throw through the wooded area onto a clay peninsula in front of a wooden bridge. Be careful with the creek on the right side.

Oregon Park Disc Golf

Congrats on playing and completing a very difficult course.


From Marietta:

1. Take 120 West towards Dallas for 6.6 miles

2. Turn right on Old Hamilton Road.

3. Entrance is on left 0.3 miles.

Park in the parking area along the left side of the entrance road, just past the entrance on the left to be closest to Hole 1 and Hole 18.


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  2. Chris roberts on November 17, 2010 at 9:07 am

    Its 36 holes now, they have done alot of work on OP since this was written.

    • JP on November 17, 2010 at 10:33 am

      That is great to know. I will have to get back down there to write about the new holes. Thanks.

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