Why I will never ski in Alabama

by JP on Jan.10, 2010, under Alabama Hiking Trails, Outdoor Travel

Skiing in Alabama

This past weekend I thought I would take advantage of the wintry weather in Northern Georgia/Alabama and go for a quick ski at Cloudmont Ski and Golf in Mentone, Alabama. Unfortunately, it seems that Cloudmont had no concern whether I skied or not.

After trying to call to check conditions for two days, and constantly receiving a busy signal from the company’s phone line, I headed down to Mentone for a half day ski. By the way, their website says they will not respond to emails for information either.

This company stated that it  had a half day ski from 1 to 4 p.m. CST.  As such, I arrived at approximately 12:30 planning to buy my lift ticket and rent some equipment to maximize the three hours of skiing. When I arrived, I noticed a long line at the ticket booth. The ticket booth was not open.  I then went to the ski shop to find out if I could go ahead and rent my equipment, to which I was informed I could not until the ticket booth opened at 1:00. Also, I was informed that there may not be sufficient equipment to outfit those waiting in line because those already skiing in the morning were all day skiers.

Skiing in Alabama

This was an unfortunate experience for me. The company’s employees did not seem to care that numerous skiers had arrived early to get their lift tickets so that they could ski their full half day. Most ski resorts allow tickets to be purchased and equipment to be rented prior to entry time onto the slopes.

While the slopes at Cloudmont looked pretty nice, one of the two pony lifts were not working either. Forcing children to hike up the smallest beginner hill while learning to ski.

I was disappointed that I would not be skiing on Saturday, but I was even more disappointed that the this poor service meant I would not be skiing here at any other time in the future. It is sad that what could be a great experience for beginning skiers in Northern Alabama will continuously be marred by poor customer service and a lack of concern for the consumer.

As for me, I will have to space my skiing trips out more often to longer drives in North Carolina.

Luckily the day wasn’t a complete bust as I got to go hiking in nearby DeSoto State Park.

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  • MyLifeOutdoors

    Just another reason why I am afraid to ski anywhere but in the Rockies.

  • JP

    Don’t be afraid to ski everywhere in the South. Boone and Blowing Rock, NC have some great slopes. I’ll be posting a review of appalachian Ski Mountain and Ski Beech soon. Both of these are good places to ski on the southern east coast.

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