Tocobaga Disc Golf Course

October 28, 2010

St. Petersburg, Florida – Maximo Park



The Tocobaga 18 hole disc golf course located in Maximo Park, a park & archaeological  site where the Tocobaga Native Americans had previously built mounds. The mounds are essentially gone (you’ll never know you’re on them), but a beautiful park remains in its place. The park contains a beach along Boca Ciega Bay, as well as views of the Gulf of Mexico from the 50 ft. observation tower.

The disc golf course spreads wide across the majority of the park’s 47 acres, taking golfers through Australian Pines, across long grassy fields, and occasionally into some palm groves.

The course is extremely well marked and laid, and there is no need for a course map. Each hole contains two tee pads (pro and amateur), allowing for all skill levels to play together.008



Finding the course is easy, as signs pointing visitors to the course are apparent upon entrance into the park. The first hole is just past the sign above. Each hole is marked with a clear hole map, and numbers indicating distances to the catchers.

Hole 1


The first hole is a 305 feet drive between some palm groves and the road.

Hole 2

018 Hole 2 requires a long straight drive over two very large sets of shrubbery. You don’t want to get caught in the thicket, fishing a disc out is a pain (my wife landed in them, not me). If you can’t drive the distance, I suggest laying up before them, and shooting a 2nd shot over them. It’s a 250 ft. drive from the pro tee.


Hole 3

025 Follow the signs to Hole 3 to the right, and you will see that it sets on the edge of the road. Do not be confused by the colors on the Tee marker (the bright yellow is does not actually indicate the road, but the ground surrounding the catcher, while the bright green is not the actual putting green). The catch remains on the same side of the road, and requires a slight throw to the right.

026 028

Hole 4


Cross the street from basket 3, and the 4th Tee Pad will sit near the edge of the road. Hole 4 requires a precise shot into the forest, and around the trees.

Hole 5


Hole 5 is another course through the trees. The basket is a straight shot if you can make it through the trees. I recommend hooking around the trees by shooting to the left, and allow it to drop behind them.

Hole 6

048 Hole 6 is a difficult catcher to find. From the Tee. the course loops around to the left, between the tree line and the interstate. 059

Hole 7

066 Hole 7 is across the street at the entrance, and is a narrow shot through a number of shrubs and trees. Watch where you disc lands because it gets hard to find if you don’t land in the fairway.


Hole 8

077 081 082

Hole 8 is a long drive between a large grove of trees. Stay out of the patch of trees in the middle, and the catcher sits along a concrete barrier at the back edge of the park.

Hole 9


Is a long drive to the right of the tee.

Hole 10


Hole 11

Hole 11 requires the drive to be released very low so as to avoid hitting the limbs right in front of the tee.

111 116

Hole 12


Hole 12 requires a fairly tight shot through a number of trees and brush.


Hole 13


Hole 13 requires a drive over two roads, and arcs back to the left from the tee.


Hole 14


Hole 15


Hole 16

Hole 16 is likely the toughest hole on the course. It is very narrow, and completely surrounded by trees.


Hole 17

Hole 17 is another wooded course that requires a shot around several large trees.


Hole 18

Hole 18 is a long drive beginning in a narrow wooded area, but opening up near the bay.




1. From I-275 to Pinellas Point Drive and 34th Street.

2. Maxmo Park will be directly in front of the intersection of Pinellas and 34th.

3. Follow the signs in the park to Hole 1.


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