Mills Park Disc Golf, Gatlinburg, TN

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9 hole course in the Smokies

Mills Park Disc Golf

The Mills Park Disc Golf Course is a wonderfully diverse 9-hole disc golf course.

This course is found just outside of the Gatlinburg Arts and Crafts village.

Disc Golf in Gatlinburg, TN

The course is extremely well marked, has good tee pads, and is lies in a beautiful valley, surrounded by the Smoky Mountains.

Hole 1

Hole 1 is begins just past a wooden shelter and one of the Mills Park parking lots.

The hole continues uphill, and the basket (which is an older style basket, not containing the common place yellow bands), sits atop the hile.

Disc Golf in Gatlinburg Disc Golf in Gatlinburg

Hole 2

This course wastes now time moving to a difficult hole. Hole 2 sits just to the left of Hole 1 in the middle of the woods. This hole requires a drive that travels down a very narrow tunnel of trees, if there is any chance of a two-shot.

Disc Golf in Gatlinburg Disc Golf in Gatlinburg

Hole 3

Hole 3, goes down the Hill, follows a paved path, and begins beside a football field and track.

Hole 3 is somewhat difficult if playing with out of bounds, as the paved path seen on the left is the boundary (even the part seen in the distance that curves inward). The trees on the right are the other side of the course. This makes for a somewhat narrow throw, especially with the trees in the middle that run up to the hole.

Disc Golf in Gatlinburg

Disc Golf in Gatlinburg Disc Golf in Gatlinburg

Hole 4

Hole 4 is found by turning left, following the path that was the boundary to Hole 3. Hole 4 is found on the edge of the ridge and ends between a grouping of trees and a brown shed.

Disc Golf in Gatlinburg

Disc Golf in Gatlinburg

Hole 5

Hole 5 climbs up the hill to the right. The hole lies behind a tiny tree making forĀ  a really difficult second shot. To the left, and down the hill of Hole 5 is another football field, and one can actually see the final hole on the other end of the field. Be careful if you hook to the right, there is serious brush to hack through if your disc drops off the hill to the right.

Disc Golf in Gatlinburg

Disc Golf in Gatlinburg Disc Golf in Gatlinburg

Hole 6

Hole 6 is just to the left of Hole 5, in a somewhat muddy spot. The hole dog legs around a group of trees to the left, and is a fairly short hole.

Disc Golf in Gatlinburg

Disc Golf in Gatlinburg

Hole 7

Hole 7 moves to the right past the tennis courses. The hole is a fairly straight, uphill shot at about 265 feet. Be sure to clear the pathway.

Disc Golf in Gatlinburg

Hole 8

Hole 8 is the most difficult hole, I believe on the course. I almost lost my first disc ever on this course. The course starts atop one hill, flies across the downhill portion, and into the woods of another hill. The hole sits almost dead center atop that hill.

As such, the drive flies at the height of the tree line, and may result in discs landing in several limbs. I had a disc get balanced in the pines, and I had to throw sticks at it for about 15 minutes to dislodge it. It was a real pain, and the rest of the hole, was not much better. from the treeline, the courses goes through some very dense woods.

Disc Golf in Gatlinburg

(I have to include this funny picture of me trying to climb to my disc stuck in the tree. I didn’t make it to the disc, and sticks became a much better option).

Disc Golf in Gatlinburg

Disc Golf in Gatlinburg Disc Golf in Gatlinburg

Hole 9

The final hole starts atop the hill in the woods, and the drops steeply down the hill to the basket near the creek.

The tee box is a wooden box with some grip tape on it.

Disc Golf in Gatlinburg

Getting to the final basket is a little tough. One has to make a steep descent down a dirt path on the hill.

Disc Golf in Gatlinburg Disc Golf in Gatlinburg Disc Golf in Gatlinburg

That is the end of the course, and luckily, it ends right beside a small football field. This makes a great place to work on some fun distance drives.

Disc Golf in Gatlinburg

Directions to Mills Park

From Gatlinburg:

1. Take US-321 towards the Arts and Crafts Village and Baskins Creek Bypass

2. Take left on Mills Park Road at 4.5 miles.

3. The park is just beside the High School.

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